School Council Elections

Capturing the essence of democracy in action, our pupils eagerly participated in the school council elections, a vibrant showcase of leadership and student engagement.  The election process not only empowers our pupils to express their voices but also reflects the vibrant spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility within our educational family. Once elected, school council members become the voice of the student body, actively engaging with school leaders, teachers, and fellow students to advocate for positive changes, organise events, and contribute to decision-making processes. (25th September 2023)

Cooking Club

Our Year 7 pupils love cooking in the Cooking Club. They wore aprons, smiled, and learned to cook together. A mix of different tastes and talents, making friends and exploring cooking. They enjoy every moment each week, creating memories that will stay with them. Bon appétit! (8th November 2023)

Recycle Week 

Dedicated to making a sustainable impact, our pupils actively participated in Recycle Week, embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility. The week-long initiative not only raised awareness about the importance of recycling but also instilled a sense of environmental stewardship among our pupils. As they join hands to reduce, reuse, and recycle, these students are contributing to a greener future, one small act at a time. Together, they inspire change and exemplify the power of collective efforts in building a more sustainable and eco-friendly school community. (16th October 2023)


Community Fundraising

Our pupils, inspired by their cooking club experience, participated in fundraising for the school by selling their homemade culinary creations. From sweet treats to savoury delights, these young chefs are turning their passion into philanthropy, with all proceeds benefiting our school community. Their initiative not only showcases their culinary skills but also underscores the spirit of giving back and shared responsibility, exemplifying the power of combining talents for a positive impact. (10th November 2023)


Year 11 Careers Visit

Our Year 11 pupils recently visited a college for a special day focused on careers. It was a great chance for them to learn about different jobs and college life. They got to talk to college staff, check out the campus, and attend helpful sessions. This experience helps our students think about what they might want to do in the future and get excited about their career possibilities. (10th October 2023)

British Values

Our Year 9 pupils recently talked to the whole school about British Values. They shared why things like fairness, following rules, freedom, and respecting others are important. Through engaging examples and thoughtful insights, our pupils effectively conveyed the importance of these values in our school community and broader society. It was a great way for us to understand how these values make our school a better place. (12th December 2023)

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