"We are here to increase your knowledge with experience."

At Marathon, our mission is to:

• foster pupils’ self-esteem and self-confidence

• encourage self-discipline, self-motivation and resilience in all pupils

• instil in all pupils a sense of purpose and an awareness of the needs of others

• stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity in all pupils

• equip pupils with strong communication skills

• deepen pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness

• enrich pupils’ lives through many opportunities to discover new interests and talents

• inspire pupils to aim high for an ambitious future and educate them to achieve and expand their potential

• encourage responsibility and thoughtfulness in all we do

• cultivate a growing awareness of our global history heritage and promote increased social justice consciousness

• motivate and educate our students to become the successful and devoted leaders of future generations

To achieve this, we provide:

• a friendly and caring family atmosphere in pleasant and safe surroundings

• a nurturing Islamic ethos that fosters a strong sense of identity

• an innovative ’24 hour education’ model supported by new learning technologies and well-trained professional staff who act as excellent role models

• an ambitious curriculum enriched by a wealth of activities

• healthy menus including fresh, natural and halal foods to keep staff and pupils physically and mentally fit


Why Choose Marathon Science School?

  • Strong Team

    Very strong team of teachers will inspire and motivate the pupils to produce their best every lesson and every day.​

  • Eager to inquire

    We will create an atmosphere of eager to inquire, motivated to work hard and learn.​

  • Achieve full potential

    We will challenge pupils to achieve their full potential individually and develop skills to be an effective member of a team. Also develop leadership skills through practical group projects.​

  • High standard behaviour

    We would expect a very high standard of behaviour and be good ambassadors to Marathon School and their community.

  • Enriching activities

    Our residence will offer quality individual support with wide range of life enriching activities.​

It was an outstanding experience that led to many amazing childhood friends that bonded for many years after school days. We still even speak now and see each other occassionally. That was one of the best perks of the school I assume , they have become a major factor in a lot of very amazing friendships and truly to this school we have many memories that cannot be forgotten and we are thankful for such unforgettable events in our lives. Thank you marathon school we owe you for that ...
I really loved my experience at Marathon Science school of Excellence!
Great School
I love this School, I am in my last year I have had a great experience in this school. I thank all the teachers that works in this place. I highly recommend this school to all the people around the world because it has a cultural boarding side. It is in Hackney called "Suleymaniye". It also has a wonderful and cultural atmosphere. Thanks to this school I learnt my culture and religion. This is why I highly recommend this place to the residents around the world.