Weekdays and weekends at Marathon Science School are full of activities. Football is played in outdoor courts on Friday’s .  We have exclusive access to a pool on Monday for our convenient use of the facilities and during this time the pool is only used by our students. We have expert staff in areas such as chess. During evening play, students have the opportunity to play a range of board games ranging from chess to games such as ‘Risk’ and ‘Quoridor’.

Activities within the school include puzzles, brain teasers, memory games, critical thinking exercises, and creative problem-solving tasks. We also offer classes in subjects such as Psychology & mathematics, which can challenge our students to think more deeply and critically about the world around them. Additionally, we pride our selves in providing access to technology tools or online resources such as KODU and Microsoft Small Basic that can help students improve their Computer Science skills, or educational software that enhances their learning. Engaging in these types of activities can help students develop stronger mental acuity, improve their problem-solving abilities, and enhance their overall academic performance.

Furthermore, students participate in tournaments and challenges on games consoles such as the PS5, X-Box and DS. Senior students are allowed to bring computers with a limited and controlled access to the internet. For students who do not have personal computers we allow the use of computers within arranged time constraints.

As a school we take part in approximately one hundred activities over the course of a year. This equates to an activity every two days, outside of the holidays. 

Weekday Activities

Reward trips, a range of sport activities, free time to play on a games console are some of the activities that are spread out across free time during the week. Students can participate in activities according to their ages. Alongside these activities, cooking club, design club, chess club  are some of the other extra-curricular activities that are available for the students at our school.

As a school, we place a strong emphasis on providing students with opportunities to explore and engage with the wider world. To this end, we attend technology fairs, visit national institutions such as the the national institute of civil engineering and take part in yearly parliamentary visits. These visits are organised to help students gain exposure to the latest technological advancements and understand the inner workings of government. These experiences provide valuable insights into the role that technology and politics play in shaping our society, and help students develop a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges facing our world today. By participating in these activities, we are able to broaden our students’ horizons and inspire them to become informed and engaged citizens of the world.


Weekend Activities

From home visits to fairs, sports to cultural trips, students have access to many activities while spending their weekends in boarding. Usually the students are offered four activities and students are free to make their own choices.

At our school, we believe that one of the best ways to broaden our students’ perspectives and develop their cultural awareness is through international travel. As such, we organise international trips to a variety of destinations to expose our students to different cultures, languages, and ways of life. These trips are carefully designed to provide our students with a range of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks and natural wonders to engaging with local communities and learning about their customs and traditions. By participating in these trips, our students gain valuable cultural capital that can enhance their personal and professional lives, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for the diversity of the world around them. We believe that these experiences are an essential part of our students’ education, and we are committed to providing them with opportunities to broaden their horizons and become global citizens.





Dear Parents/Carers

4th and 5th of September will be staff inset days. School opens on the 6th September for pupils. Boarders should come to boarding on 5th September at 8 pm. We wish you a happy summer holiday!

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